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Born in 1990 in Istanbul, Göksenin graduated from the department of English Translation and Interpreting and double major of Archaeology at Istanbul University (respectively in 2012 and 2013). During his undergraduate years, he worked as a translator and junior editor in the "Translator's Note" magazine and different sectors such as chemistry, economics, archaeology and history of art, and joined excavation campaigns carried out by different universities in Turkey. After the undergraduate degrees, he took part as an English instructor at private universities and language teaching institutions.

In 2015, he was appointed as a Research Assistant to the Department of Translation Studies, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Erzincan University, within the scope of the Faculty Member Training Program (ÖYP). In the same year, he was assigned to the Department of Translation Studies at Istanbul University, Institute of Social Sciences for his graduate education.

In the summer of 2015, he participated in the EST Training Seminar for Translation Teachers, organized under the joint leadership of Jagiellonian University and European Society for Translation Studies in Krakow, Poland. In the same year, he received a scholarship from the Mediterranean Editors and Translators Association and attended the Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting held in Coimbra, Portugal.

In 2017, he received his master's degrees in Translation Studies with the thesis entitled "Translations of Bejan Matur: Metaphor-Based Rewriting" and in Women’s Studies with "Gender Construction of in Yalçın Tosun Short Stories" from Istanbul University, Institute of Social Sciences. In 2022, he successfully obtained a Phd degree in Translation Studies with the dissertation entitled "Feminist Terminology Construction Through Translation in Turkey" from the same institution. His research interests include translation sociology, literary translation and ideology, feminist translation, and translation history.

In addition to the translations of short stories and poems published in various literary journals and online channels, he has translated books in the fields of literature, archaeology, psychology, architecture, chemistry and personal development.


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