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As a PhD graduate in Operations Management and Marketing from Ataturk University in Turkey, I am keenly interested in developing my career in the field of supply chain management.

I obtained Bachelor's degree in Business Administration Department at Erciyes University, also in Turkey, as well as Master’s Degree in International Business from Coventry University in the United Kingdom. My master’s thesis topic was “How can Turkish Third Party Logistics Sector Improve Its Logistics Capabilities?”.

After the master’s program at Coventry University, I started PhD program in Operations Management and Marketing department at Ataturk University in 2010, where I investigated the Turkish Healthcare Supply Chain.” 

In future research, I plan to investigate various research areas such as “Supply Chain Integration”, “Customer Centric Supply Chain”, “Impact of Supply Chain Management Perception and Awareness” and “Minimizing Waste in Supply Chain Management”. Although I plan to investigate the aforementioned topics I believe that your guidance will be more helpful to give direction to my future researches.

In addition to the research activities I have teaching responsibility, as well. I have been working at Erzincan University as an instructor since 2010. I have been teaching General Business Courses including: Essentials of Operations Management, Introduction to Business, Principles of Marketing, and Logistics Management.

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