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He was born on 06.11.1978 in Islahiye. Primary and secondary education in Gaziantep in Islahiye He completed his high school education in Antalya. Atatürk University Faculty of Arts and Sciences in 1996 and won the History Department. After completing his undergraduate studies in 2000, the same year began his teaching position in Agri province Diyadin district. In 2001, Ataturk University Institute of Social Sciences Graduate Üngör began in 2005, Ataturk University, he began his doctoral studies in the department of Ancient History Institute of Social Sciences. In 2011, "Ancient breeding and Environmental History" has completed his doctoral studies with the dissertation. Graduate Survey in Eastern Anatolia during the 2008-2011 school year, the project Erzurum-Erzincan-Kars and Igdir provinces Prof. Dr. He participated in the survey Alpaslan Ceylan presidency. Settlement in East-Northeast of Turkey and the Caucasus Earliest Traces Detection is joined on the project by Nakhchivan-Turkey-Azerbaijan-Georgia-research in Iran and the Caucasus. Universities and civil society took part in numerous national and international events organized within the scope of organizations. Üngör; In 2011, Erzincan University of Science and Letters, Department of History was appointed as Assistant Professor in the Department of Ancient. Still, this task has been serving as the head of the Department and to maintain. Unger is married and has two children.


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