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Arzu Sema  Ertane Baydar until 1972, the 9th day of September was born in Erzincan. He completed his primary and secondary education in Erzincan.       In 1990, Erzurum Ataturk University Kazım Karabekir Faculty of Education was awarded the Department of Turkish Language and Literature Education and graduated with honors in 1994. Erzincan Anatolian Teacher High School in August of the same year Turkish Language and Literature began his career as a teacher.       Erzincan Faculty of Education in 1996 was a research assistant at the Turkish Language and Literature Education Department.       Gazi University in Ankara in 1996, the Institute of Social Sciences Turkish Language and Literature Department of Turkish Language Master of Science in 1999 and entered the MBA program and graduated from here. That same year, Erzurum Ataturk University Turkish Education in the Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Home Science Teaching Turkish entry into the PhD program and became Doctor of Science in 2002. Modern Turkish Languages ??and Literature in 2014, the title of Professor Baydar, Erzincan University Faculty of Education Turkish Education serves as a faculty member in the Department.   Arzu Sema Ertane  Baydar is married and has one child.


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