A Bibliometric Analysis of Research on ChatGPT in Education

Polat H., Topuz A. C., Yıldız M., Taşlıbeyaz E., Kurşun E.

International Journal of Technology in Education, vol.7, no.1, pp.59-85, 2024 (ESCI)


ChatGPT has become a prominent tool for fostering personalized and interactive learning with the advancements in AI technology. This study analyzes 212 academic research articles indexed in the Scopus database as of July 2023. It maps the trajectory of educational studies on ChatGPT, identifying primary themes, influential authors, and contributing institutions. By employing bibliometric indicators and network analysis, the study explores collaboration patterns, citation trends, and the evolution of research interests. The findings show the exponential growth of interest in leveraging ChatGPT for educational purposes and provide insights into the specific educational domains and contexts that have garnered the most attention. Furthermore, the study reveals the collaborative dynamics and intellectual foundations shaping the field by examining co-authorship and citation networks. This bibliometric analysis contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the current state of ChatGPT research in education, offering researchers and practitioners valuable insights into evolving trends and potential future directions for this innovative aspect of AI and learning.