Development of Programmable Camera-Trap

Karaköse M., Taştimur C., Özdemir S., Erol M., Tokgöz A., Akın E.

International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology (IJCTT), vol.68, no.6, pp.64-69, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The monitoring of wildlife, especially in large areas, has great difficulties in terms of time, personnel, and resources. Different methods and alternatives have been tried to be developed to overcome these difficulties. One of these methods is the camera trap devices. Camera trap devices are used for wildlife monitoring and security reasons. As a result of the widespread use of the camera trap, a programmable camera trap device was designed in this study. The developed camera trap device has some advantages over the camera trap in the market. In this work, the development of a programmable photo trap for the monitoring of endangered animals and illegal human activities is proposed. In this study, the movement in the area to be monitored is detected by IR rays and the camera is activated. After the camera is activated, the monitored media is photographed. Then, the captured image was compressed and sent to the monitoring center via GSM / GPRS line. One of the advantages of the developed camera trap device is that it provides superiority in cases where the speed of sending the captured photo to the monitoring center should be high. Another one is that, according to camera trap systems, the image can be taken instantly by tolerating the expected time to wake up the device and take the picture, as it instantly saves the image. Because the photo traps are used in the rural area, speed optimization for energy and intervention events has been studied and as a result different photocopier devices have been designed.