The CE marking in Turkey: is it indeed a guarantee trade mark?

Sönmez M., Türkdoğan A. F.

Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice/Oxford University Press , no.0, pp.1-6, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


  • The CE marking shows compliance with the technical rules stipulated in the relevant EU reg- ulations. The legislative requirements for the CE marking have been harmonised across the EU. Thus, the same rules must be applied by all Member States for the free movement of prod- ucts in the EU in a safe manner.

  • 􏰂 Turkey has acceded to the CE marking system with the EC–Turkey Association Council Decision No 1/95. Thus, the same rules regarding the CE marking that apply across the EU are also implemented in Turkey.

  • 􏰂 It is therefore important to determine the legislative framework for the CE marking in Turkish Law. In Turkey, there is a general discussion about whether the ‘CE’ marking is a guarantee trade mark. This study aims to clarify the legal basis of the CE marking by making a comparative analysis between the EU and Turkey, and to highlight the main differences between guarantee trade marks and the CE marking.