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Prof. Dr. Mustafa ALICI was born in 1969 in Erzincan Province in Turkey. He graduated from Erzincan Religious High-school in 1988. He finished the faculty of theology, Marmara University (Istanbul)  in 1993. He was in Rome  during 1996- 1997  in the following year, He went to Bristol and London  for studies on his doctoral studies.

He was a teaching stuff during 1995- 2010 the history of religions in Rize University now he is the lecturer and the chair in the department of religious studies in the Faculty of Theology, Erzincan University from 2011 and on. From 2014- 2019 April, He was the Dean of the Faculty . He is fluent at Arabic and English and capable of reading the works on Latin and Italian languages.

Among the works he has are the Western Pioneers of the History of Religions, (Istanbul, 2008) and The Evolutionary Polytheism versus the Revolutionary Monotheism: The Anthropological and Phenomenological Approaches to the Origin of the Early Religion, (Istanbul, 2013); Classical and Contemporary Approaches to the Study of Religion (2017); The High Gods in the Polytheistic Religions ( to be published soon)

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